Dental implants can be the ideal solution for the problem of missing teeth. 
Dental implants are more convenient and more comfortable than dentures and you shouldn't notice any difference between an implant and your real teeth. Dental Implants permanently replace single or multiple missing teeth and provide not only a functional improvement but a cosmetic one as well.  
Lost teeth can affect facial structure and even a person's confidence so dental implants can have significant health benefits to the individual. Dental implants may be right for you and we offer a consultation to assess this before embarking on any treatment. 
Dental Implant Testimonials 
The friendliness, competitive price and the reassurance I received from Mr Vegan Moodley made me realise there was nowhere else I needed to go. 
Mrs Myrtle Daniel 
I would recommend him to anybody,as Dr Moodley was brilliant throughout the whole procedure. 
M Calvert 
He is a very approachable and friendly dentist and I would recommend his implant treatment without reservation. 
Mary Scott 
Milton Keynes 
Vegan’s professionalism and attention to detail are his key strengths that ensure his patients enjoy a very relaxed experience. 
Neil Mercer 
For more information or to book an appointment simply call us on 01234 711410 or click here to contact us 
The Moodley Dental Practice - Professional and friendly dental care 
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