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I was very worried about this surgery, as I wanted a whole set of new teeth and was very anxious and worried about the procedure, what would happen, how I would cope through it, but right from the start, Mr Vegan Moodley was very reassuring. He explained the whole procedure to me from start to finish, told me exactly what was going to happen and what he needed to do. He advised me on the most cost-effective way I should go about fixing my teeth and made me feel very relaxed and confident with the whole process. 
I was getting a lot of work done: 6 veneers, 1 full fixed bridge on lower jaw using implants and 2 partial bridges on the upper using implants making a total of 8 implants and it was a lengthy process from start to finish but Mr Vegan Moodley and all the dental nurses at the surgery were all very kind throughout everything. I was very well looked after by all. 
I placed my full confidence and trust in Mr Vegan Moodley and he did not disappoint me. I was very well informed at every stage of surgery, I was given advice and appropriate after care after each visit and I could contact him any time if I was experiencing any discomfort or had concerns with my recovery – in and out of surgery hours. 
I am so happy with the results of my treatment, I have always disliked my teeth, but Mr Vegan Moodley has given me the confidence to smile again. I have had one or 2 slight issues since the completion of the surgery, but Mr Vegan Moodley has seen me immediately and sorted these out within no time at all. I am very happy with the service and care provided .I am so happy with the work done by Mr Vegan Moodley. 
I would highly recommend this dentist to anyone wishing to have cosmetic surgery on their teeth. 
Mrs Myrtle Daniel 
After an accident involving breaking a front tooth, I visited Vegan at his practice in Olney,Milton Keynes to examine the options for treatment. Vegan was very good at creating a 'no pressure' environment, taking time to explain all the options patiently and clearly. I opted for the dental implant route. At each stage of the treatment, Vegan made sure I understood the steps, and during the various implant stages, was very good at making the treatment as pain free as possible. His staff were all very helpful and friendly throughout the process, with encouragement to contact the surgery inbetween each stage if I had any concerns. In the end, I have now managed to avoid a horrible denture, and have a nice tooth which matches my other teeth. I am very satisfied with the result. 
Roy Phillipps,Milton Keynes 
In 2015 I received dental work from Mr Moodley to have teeth implants, one upper right, one lower left. At first I was a little nervous about what a tooth implant entailed, but I can say the treatment was completely painless. Mr Moodley advised me at each stage of the process, and I had no problems during or after treatment. I am very happy with the work undertaken. 
I would strongly recommend dental treatment by Mr Moodley to anyone . 
Patrick O’Keefe 
Vegan recently completed an implant for me. It was probably the most thorough and careful piece of dentistry I have ever had performed on me. Throughout the whole process Vegan was careful to explain exactly what was being done and why. I have a needle phobia so Vegan kindly arrange for an anaesthetist to be present when the major work was done to insert the main part of the implant housing. The anaesthetist dispensed conscious sedation ensuring I was extremely relaxed throughout the whole process. 
Vegan’s professionalism and attention to detail are his key strengths that ensure his patients enjoy a very relaxed experience. 
Neil Mercer,Olney 
I recently had a double tooth implant carried out by Mr Moodley at his practice in Olney. My case was quite complex as it was for two implants, a bone graft & the nerves in my gum were quite near the surface. It was quite a long process as there was ‘healing’ time in between sessions. All went well & Mr Moodley was very good at creating a relaxed atmosphere during a long complex procedure. It’s now a few years since I finished treatment & I am so happy I had it done-I feel good(no gaps) & can now eat anything. 
Heather Potts,Olney, Milton Keynes 
I had an implant on one of my front teeth by Dr Vegan Moodley.It was done so professionally.I would recommend him to anybody .He was brilliant throughout the whole procedure. 
I visited Vegan Moodley for a dental implant in March 2017 .I can confirm the procedure was carried out to a professional standard .I did not experience any problems during the course of the procedure or afterwards.I am very pleased and satisfied with the level of service and treatment I received. 
I found Vegan to be very informative and knowledgeable and would recommend him to my friends ,family and colleagues. 
Raj Wadhan 
From the outset Mr V Moodley made me feel at ease with my proposed dental procedure; a 'tooth implant. ' I was very impressed with the quality of advice; the dental care throughout. 
From the start, I had an understanding of the technology and process; all information I needed, and questions answered. 
It was a great success - a small space filled that has made a big difference. Considering the procedures very little discomfort. 
His recommendations on size and shade was perfect – my teeth look and feel good; its good to smile!!!! 
Definitely the best dentist I have ever visited; always reassuring and clearly most competent. 
He has been greatly missed since moving to Milton Keynes. 
Thanks, and thanks again!!!! 
Pam McKiernan 
I am extremely happy with my implant; I hardly think about it now that it has been completed because it is like a normal tooth. 
The colour match is excellent and I can chew equally on both sides of the mouth - the first time in ages. 
Vergon was very good at keeping me informed about each step of the procedure and so I felt happy that I knew what was going to happen throughout. 
He is a very approachable and friendly dentist; I would recommend his implant treatment without reservation. 
Mary Scott,Milton Keynes 
When I started treatment with Dr Moodley I was a nervous patient but all my treatment was explained and I gradually lost my fear of the dentist. I have had an implant which I am very pleased with. I would happily recommend Dr Moodley to anyone. I will be sorry to see him leave. 
John Kennedy 
“I recently snapped a tooth and it was pretty obvious that by far the best solution was to have an implant. Vegan led me through the process, explaining exactly what he was doing and taking very clear progress photos. The speed of implant work can at times be exaggerated but I was pleased that Vegan’s estimated overall time was correct - about 6 months from start to finish, including an artificial bone graft. I am very pleased with the result.” 
Doug Gibbs,Milton Keynes 
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