Helping your children get into good dental habits 

Moodley Dental and Aesthetics are great with kids. As a practice, we like to look after the oral health of your whole family and are experienced at creating a calm and comfortable environment. Our small team is professional while being friendly and caring. 

Putting your children at ease 

We know how scary it is for children to go to the dentist. Yet, it is an important part of their lives to visit us, and it always will be. By bringing your child to us from a year old, you will set a precedent for having healthy teeth. 
As always, our aim is to prevent treatment and the best way to do this is to form good habits at a young age. Setting an example and building good health habits is the best approach to ensure long-lasting dental health. 
Nothing is rushed here as we take the time to get to know our patients and provide a friendly environment for everyone which is even more important for children. A child shouldn’t have to be filled with fear whenever the dentist is mentioned. We aim to make the experience as calm and relaxed as possible so that your child will form good habits and come back for regular check ups to keep their dental health in tip-top shape. 

Giving your children the best dental start possible 

A lot happens in a child’s mouth. A lot goes in it, and a lot comes out. On top of that, the first years of anyone’s life is occupied by teeth growing, falling out, and growing again. This is an important time for children to be visiting the dentists. 
As your child’s new teeth appear, the rough chewing surfaces are prone to decay. Food particles and other decaying substances can easily become stuck in the tooth’s surface. We know that as parents you will always encourage your children to brush their teeth, but with the best will in the world, they’re not going to be perfect brushers. This is why regular check ups are so important. Preventative dentistry is much preferred over corrective dentistry. 
We will help make sure that all your family have strong healthy teeth and gums and are giving all the important tools to make sure that they can maintain their beautiful smile for the rest of their life. 

Perfect if you’re a Denplan parent 

Getting your children into the dentists might be a matter of setting the right example. If you, yourself, are a patient with us, become a Denplan member and your child will qualify for free check-ups and treatment. 
Any children of Denplan patients, up to the age of 16, will qualify for free check-ups at Moodley Dental and Aesthetics in Olney. Denplan monthly charges start from £15.49 per month. This is a fantastic option for ensuring your children get the regular check-ups they require for great dental health. 
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