Even a dental check-up can seem scary – but they’re necessary 
Did you know, regular trips to the dentist can help reduce tooth decay and other dental problems? 

Moodley Dental & Aesthetics provide a thorough dental examination 

This is where it all starts. With regular check-ups and good oral hygiene, you can prevent the need for invasive dental work for many years. Perhaps even a lifetime. We always recommend regular check-ups and hygienist appointments to keep your teeth in the best condition. If or when the need arises, we provide all the professional dental care that you would expect such as fillings, inlays etc. 
Regular examinations are an important part of forming healthy habits that will keep your teeth in tip-top shape. This is especially true for children. Having them start coming in for regular check-ups will make them more comfortable going to the dentist and ensure that their teeth stay in good condition and prevent the need for repair work in the future. 

Talk to us about becoming a Denplan member 

Keeping on top of your dental routine doesn’t have to be costly. Become a Denplan member which covers the costs of routine examinations, and most standard treatments. For more specialised treatments, your Denplan membership earns you discounts. 
Any children of Denplan patients, up to the age of 16, will qualify for free check-ups at Moodley Dental and Aesthetics in Olney. Denplan monthly charges start from £15.49 per month. This is a great way to ensure regular you and your children are attending regular check-ups and catching any issues before they become bigger problems. This will keep your dental health in good shape and save you money and pain in the long run. 

The benefits to regular routine examinations 

Eliminating risk: most of the time when patients don’t book a regular routine examination, they become susceptible to gum disease and other painful complications. Seeing your dentist for a routine examination can help prevent more serious dental work further down the line. 
Cost-effective: keeping on top of your dental health means that you won’t need to shell out for expensive treatments at a later date. Routine examinations help you avoid major costs in the long term. 
Confidence: routine examinations will help keep your teeth healthy and strong, which will no doubt provide you with the confidence to smile more. 
Reduce pain: staying on top of your dental health will allow you to avoid pain. You won’t have to worry about avoiding food or drinks that you love due to damaged teeth. 
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