Periodontics is a specialised branch of dentistry dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal (gum) disease. At Moodley Dental and Aesthetics, we recognise the significance of maintaining gum health in the context of overall oral well-being. That's why we provide high-quality periodontal services near Newport Pagnell, aimed at helping you attain a vibrant and healthy smile. 

What is periodontal disease? 

Periodontal disease, also referred to as gum disease, is a bacterial infection affecting the tissues surrounding and supporting your teeth. It arises from the accumulation of plaque and tartar on your teeth, leading to inflammation, bleeding gums, and ultimately, tooth loss. 
There are two primary stages of periodontal disease: gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis marks the initial phase, characterised by red, swollen, and bleeding gums. If left unaddressed, gingivitis can progress to periodontitis, an advanced form of gum disease. Periodontitis results in gum recession, leading to loose teeth and potential tooth loss. 

Symptoms of Periodontal Disease 

Detecting periodontal disease early can be challenging, underscoring the importance of routine dental check-ups. Common symptoms of periodontal disease include: 
Red, swollen, or tender gums  
Gum bleeding, especially during brushing or flossing 
Gum recession 
Loose teeth 
Persistent bad breath 
If you experience any of these symptoms, scheduling an appointment with our periodontal specialists, near Newport Pagnell, is crucial. 

Treatment for periodontal disease 

The appropriate treatment for periodontal disease depends on its severity. In mild cases, professional dental cleaning and improved oral hygiene practices may suffice to reverse the condition. However, in more advanced cases, additional interventions may be necessary. 
A prevalent treatment for periodontal disease is scaling and root planing, often referred to as deep cleaning. This procedure involves the removal of plaque and tartar from the teeth and the smoothing of root surfaces to deter bacteria adhesion. 
In severe instances of gum disease, surgical treatments may become necessary. Dr. Moodley boasts extensive training and experience in dental surgery, ensuring effective restoration of gum health and tooth support. 

Preventing periodontal disease 

Effective prevention of periodontal disease hinges on maintaining excellent oral hygiene, encompassing twice-daily tooth brushing, daily flossing, and the use of antimicrobial mouthwash. Regular dental check-ups are vital to the early detection of gum disease. 
Beyond oral hygiene, several additional measures can reduce your risk of developing periodontal disease, including: 
Adopting a nutritious diet low in sugar and rich in nutrients. 
Avoiding tobacco products, which elevate gum disease risk. 
Managing chronic conditions like diabetes, which can increase susceptibility to gum disease. 
Managing stress, as heightened stress levels can weaken the immune system and heighten gum disease risk. 
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Why choose Moodley Dental and Aesthetics for periodontal care? 

At Moodley Dental and Aesthetics, near Newport Pagnell, our unwavering dedication is to deliver top-tier periodontal care to our patients. Dr. Moodley boasts extensive experience and expertise in diagnosing and addressing a diverse spectrum of periodontal issues. 
We employ cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques to guarantee that our patients receive the most optimal and streamlined treatment available. Additionally, we prioritise patient comfort, and our utmost goal is to establish a tranquil and inviting atmosphere for our valued patients. 
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